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Features and Benefits

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Back up data to multiple locations for the highest level of availability, convenience and protection.

Cross-Platform Protection

Protect Mac, PC, and Linux platforms via a consistent user experience.

End-to-End Security

Upon backup activation, data is automatically encrypted on the device via 448-bit encryption before it is saved to a local backup device or transported across the LAN, WAN or Internet; data remains encrypted during transit and storage. Dual-factor authentication also is supported.

Data De-Duplication

Block-level data de-duplication means only new/changed information within files—not repeated information—is backed up.  This ensures redundant data won't be re-transferred to, or re-stored on, the backup destination media.

Unlimited Backups

With PROe, unlimited really means unlimited:
  •     No limits on storage
  •     No limits on file size
  •     No limits on versions
  •     No limits on archives

Customizable Backup Sets

Send different groups of files with different backup settings to different destinations. Users may select settings different from or in addition to content admins back up.

Flexible File Selection and Schedules

Back up any type of file (unless otherwise specified by the administrator). Adjust backup settings to meet specific needs.

Backup Frequency

Default minimum frequency is fifteen minutes, but users and admins can adjust as needed.

Mobile Access to Data

Download, view and share PROe-protected files from any iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Kindle mobile device. Synchronize your favorite files via One-Touch Update.

Admin- and User-Initiated Restore

Users leverage Web Restore for self-restores, even from a mobile device. Admins use Push Restore to push protected data to a new or existing device.
Guaranteed Restore

A backup verification process checks the health of backup archives days, weeks, months and years after the original data blocks have been backed up, so any user or admin can recover backed up files based on date, time or incremental version. Users can easily search for specific files, and cross-platform restores are supported across any available network medium.

Universal Networking

Use whichever connection is available—wireless, wired or cellular—for backups and restores. Whitelist or blacklist specific networks based on preferences.

Automated Data Seeding for Private Clouds

Simplify initial backups for private clouds, saving both time and bandwidth.

Invisible Client Footprint

Continue to work uninterrupted thanks to a lightweight client footprint and self-optimizing technology that steps out of the way when end user workloads are detected.

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Intuitive and Easy to Use
  • Continuous, invisible, uninterrupted backup

  • Consistent experience regardless of platform

  • Simple, self-service data restore

  • No training needed

Fully Scalable
  • No data/storage limits on backups

  • You choose where your data goes for backups & restores. Public or private destinations

  • Cross-platform support for both backups and restores

  • Easy scaling as needs grow

  • Easy integration into different environments

  • Minimal impact on users

  • User-based licensing, affording multiple devices per user

  • Mobile access to data

  • Adjustable backup settings

  • More choices about where and how backups take place

  • Flexible reporting and delivery options

  • Self-managed archives

  • Self-healing archives

  • Tamper-proof archives

  • Automatic alerts

  • Single dashboard console

  • Fast time to protection

  • Hands-off management of archives

  • No more painstaking backup archive migrations

  • Self-service data migrations by end users

  • One solution for all platforms

  • Cost savings thanks to built-in technology efficiencies

  • Zero end user training needed

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