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Simply Select Number of Users*.  Then, press Subscribe:

If you have more than 10 Backup Users, call 1-888-457-3273 for additional discount!

 * Price is Per-User, and each Backup User may have up to 4 devices.
A single "Backup User" may act as trustee for other "Computer Users".

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PayPal securely handles all payments.

NOTE:  While you may choose to pay as a "Guest" (and simply input your credit or debit card), we highly recommend that you either use your existing PayPal account, or establish a new PayPal account.  We recommend this for your sake. As it makes it easier to control your account, when any card changes (including expiration dates) occur.

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Tech-Ease -- making technology Stable, Secure & Simple!

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Call us: (888) 457 - EASE
Call us: (888) 457 - 3273

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