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Backup isn't important...until something happens!

        Then it becomes very important!Don't Wait!

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What can happen?

Reasons for Data Loss

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Protect Your Files AND get Mobile Access

for Only 35 cents* a day!

* Based on super-low $11 per-month.
Best Backup Service!

   Tech-Ease provides the Best Version of:

Why CrashPlan PROe?


What is the Press saying?

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Why is the Tech-Ease offering better?

     1. Unlimited Cloud Storage

     2. Unlimited Local Destinations
              - backup to: other computers, external hard drives, flash drives, etc.

     3. The Best Version


     4. Access Files from your Smartphone or Tablet
              (Android, iOS, and Windows Phone)

     5. All-inclusive monthly rate, and NO long-term contracts

     6. Personalized Support from Knowledgeable & Friendly reps.

For the Same Low Price, You Also Get:
The Best Security

    check.gifUp to 4 Devices per User
- any combination of: PC's, Mac's, SmartPhones, and Tablets

    check.gifAll Major Operating Systems
- backup from: MS Windows, Apple OS X, and Linux
          - restore on: MS Windows, Apple OS X, Linux, Android, iOS, & Windows Phone

    check.gifMany, Many More Features

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Tech-Ease -- making technology Stable, Secure & Simple!

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Call us: (888) 457 - EASE
Call us: (888) 457 - 3273

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