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Tech-ease -- Offers Simplicity...

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When we say "Simple", we mean ease-of-use and ease-of-operation, while maintaining high performance & flexibility.

We support networks and standalone workstations running Windows, and/or Mac OS-X.  Our goal is always to simplify accessibility and management of services for all computer environments, so clients on mixed networks can share information and resources.

Office-to-office and individual-to-office communications via the Internet, have never been easier or more secure.  We'll setup easy, secured access to your office, enabling remote work capabilities.  A secure virtual connection to your office network, ensures you can access your office resources (printers, file shares, etc.), as though you were right in your office.  Access authorized resources in a "snap"!

At Tech-ease, our goal is to make your IT resources simple to use.  Most of your requests for changes or enhancements can be handled remotely.  This means that your requests will be responded to quickly.  Often, while you are on the phone with us.

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Tech-ease -- Making technology Stable, Secure & Simple!

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Call us: (888) 457 - EASE
Call us: (888) 457 - 3273

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