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Why Backup to both Cloud & Local Storage?

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When you buy from Tech-Ease, you get Unlimited Backup Storage in the Cloud.
Secure Unlimited Storage is vital, when backing up every version of all selected files.

It's important to have more than one backup destination.
Cloud & Local destinations protect you from different risks.

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Many years from now, you'll be able to
recover a specific file you worked on today!!

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You can also backup to Unlimited Local Destinations, like:
other computers, external hard drives, flash drives, etc.

Here are just a few feature differences between
Local and Cloud backup destinations, that you may want to consider:

Protection when your Internet connection is down. However, local media has many of the same (and some additional) file loss vulnerabilities as your computer.
Protection against catastrophic file loss (eg. theft, fire, water, accidental hardware destruction).  CrashPlan PROe is an essential part of your Disaster Recovery Plan.
Rapid backups and restores. Todays media connections (eg. Thunderbolt, and USB 3.0) provide high-speed Local transfer speeds.  Tech-Ease will be happy to recommend media and connections best suited to your computer.
Securely access your files from anywhere the Internet is available...using computers, smartphones, or tablets.  There are also smartphone and tablet Apps available for both Read and Edit capabilities, on both Android and iOS.
Flexible Local Backup storage options (eg. Flash Memory, External Hard Drives, SSDs, etc.) may be used.  These are valuable, when you are accessing, creating, or revising files while off-line.
Unlike many cloud-based file storage facilities (eg. Dropbox), CrashPlan PROe can retain every version of every file. Which is why "Unlimited Cloud Backup Storage" is so important. This protects against "overwrite" losses.  After years of backing up, you can actually restore your initially backed up file(s), or any subsequent version.

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